Air Handler:      

  1. Breaker size and location. It must be within 6’ of air handler or inside unit.

  2. Location of PVC? Is it trapped?

  3. Look to see if there is a condensate pump.

  4. Check wire size (10 Ga to 6 Ga)

  5. Check dimension (H x W x L)

  6. Air handler stand (platform / stand / suspended)

  7. Horizontal application?

  8. Scuttle hole / pull down stairs. Max dimension.

  9. Secondary pan and float switch.

  10.  How does the ductwork look from an integrity standpoint?


  1. Check dimension (H x W x D)

  2. Slab size. Is the slab attached to the house?

  3. Breaker size.

  4. Check to see if they have hot water recovery – is it working?

          Rule of Thumb for copper sizing:                              1 ½ ton                                 1/4” and 5/8”

                                                                                                2 to 2 ½ ton                        5/16” and ¾”

                                                                                                3 to 3 ½ ton                        3/8” and 7/8”

                                                                                                4 or 5 ton                            3/8” and 1 1/8”



  1. Check pressures and air TD in cooling and heating mode.

  2. Check drain pan float switch operation.

  3. Check the drain line for proper operation.

  4. Check all refrigerant connections for leaks.

  5. Insulate suction line and condensate drain line.

  6. Check system electric circuit breakers operation.

  7. Check air flow at all drops and balance as needed.

  8. Check supply and return plenums for leaks.

  9. Check thermostat operation and explain to customer.

  10. Advise customer on condensate drain service and maintenance agreement.

  11. Advise customer on filter change frequency and procedure.

  12. Cover warranties with customer.

  13. Inspect the appearance of all components.

  14. Inspect and clean all work areas, including attic.

  15. Provide customer with invoice and company information.