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Tampa Air Systems offers FREE estimates and HVAC Duct Inspections. What's the difference?


Because of our flat rate pricing, we can offer free, over the phone, air duct cleaning estimates with the friendly Tampa Air Systems Customer Care team. 

You will need to know how many supply & return vents are at your service address. We charge $42 per supply vent and $65 per return vent ( 6 vent minimum ). No hidden costs, just up front pricing.

*This pricing is for duct cleaning only. It does not include other              products or services. 


  1. Improperly configured duct work (sweating and condensation)

  2. Under or Over-sized duct work (some rooms not cooling or heating properly)

  3. Poorly sealed vents and registers (loss of conditioned air into attic or crawl spaces)

  4. Duct work damaged by rodents or age (Odor, loss of air into attic and crawl spaces)

  5. Crushed, twisted or improperly strapped duct work (Sweating, condensation loss of air)

  6. Contamination of the Air Handling Unit (odor, allergies, illness)

Air Duct Cleaning may not help with these conditions. Tampa Air Systems Certified Ventilation Inspectors can offer recommendations on how to correctly address any troubling issues concerning your air ducts and HVAC system.

We're committed to your health, comfort and safety. That's why we're the only AC Company offering a 100% Clearance Testing Guarantee when you follow the recommendations of a Tampa Air Systems NADCA Certified Ventilation Inspector.

One hundred percent clearance testing guarantee

Our team operates in accordance with ACR 2013, the NADCA Standard, which provides guidance on the proper and safe techniques required during HVAC inspection, cleaning and restoration procedures. We all work together to do the best job possible.

Image of before an airduct cleaning showing mold and other debris.


Considering the impact our indoor air has on our health, wouldn't you prefer a complete understanding from a licensed, qualified and certified professional?

Tampa Air System Certified Ventilation Inspectors provide a comprehensive understanding of exactly what issues your ducts have and what duct services and products will benefit your HVAC Duct System. It is the first step the Inspector must take before addressing any HVAC mold remediation.

Why pay for air duct cleaning when it may not solve your problem? An HVAC Duct Inspection will determine:

  • Condition of Duct Work

  • Presence of Leaks

  • Damaged Duct Work

  • Type of Duct Work

  • Duct Work Configuration

  • Duct work Accessibility

  • Interior Inspection of Supply Duct Work

  • Presence of Contamination in Duct Work

  • Level of Contamination to Duct Work

  • The Condition of the Air Handling Unit


 Based on these findings, Tampa Air Systems, NADCA Certified Ventilation Inspectors are able to determine if the ductwork is cleanable, repairable or if replacement should be recommended.



nadca CVI BADGE.png
NADCA certified pro.png

All Tampa Air Systems Duct Inspections are completed by a NADCA Certified Ventilation Inspector (CVI). The certification, which is administered by NADCA, the HVAC Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Association—is recognized worldwide as the hallmark of the HVAC industry’s most qualified and reliable inspection professionals.

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