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It's Winter in Florida. Why is it so humid in my home?

Fellow Floridians, it's winter and you may have noticed that the inside of your home smells a little 'musty' and your windows have condensation on them. This is a result of the increased humidity inside your home. The milder temperatures seem like they would lower humidity, right? Wrong.

Yes, the temperatures are cooler during winter months. As a result, our air conditioners tend to cycle on less frequently. One of the main functions of your AC unit is that, while running, it removes some of the moisture in your living space. Willis Carrier designed the air conditioner for a much different purpose than cooling the air. In 1902, he was hired by the Sackett & Wilhelms Lithography & Printing Company in Brooklyn, New York and charged with designing an air conditioning system to address issues the company had with their presses due to humidity.

So, the first air conditioner was actually a dehumidifier.

What can you do to remove the humidity from inside your home during winter months?

Chris Thome, A NADCA Certified Ventilation Inspector with Tampa Air Systems in Tampa, FL says, "The most effective way to control and remove humidity throughout your home is to install a Whole Home Dehumidifier". He continued, "maintaining an indoor humidity level between 40-60% is the best way to control moisture, mold, dust mites and other allergens in your indoor environment. Whole Home Dehumidifiers continue running and removing moisture, even when your AC is off. What's better, is that you can turn the dehumidifier off and on as you need it. You're in complete control of the humidity in your home."

Tampa Air Systems proudly installs AprilAire dehumidifiers. If you are interested in lowering your indoor humidity, year 'round, call for an $89 HVAC Duct Inspection today. An HVAC Duct Inspection will allow our certified technicians to properly assess whether an AprilAire Whole Home Dehumidifier can work for your property. For a short time, use PROMO: April89

when scheduling your appointment and we'll apply the $89 HVAC Duct Inspection fee towards the installation of an AprilAire Whole Home Dehumidifier. Call 813-644-9261 for an appointment today.

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