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Botanical disinfectant is used on mechanical components (wires, coil, blower) and the interior surfaces of mechanical units. It can also be used for the hand cleaning of duct work, in some instances. This product has a brief, light herbal fragrance (post application) and has no harsh chemical ingredients.

This certified "Green Product" is used to clean vent covers and other exposed surfaces. It has been designated as an environmentally preferable product (EPP) because this item is a safer choice, compared to chemical based cleansers. It has a brief, light fragrance, post application.

This product is a non flammable, water based formulation that forms a flexible membrane in duct liner insulation materials. It can also be used to seal unlined duct work and prevent microbial particals from becoming airborne. Not suitable for all duct work. A faint fragrance may be present for a short time post remediation.

This product is used in mold remediation/ water damage restoration.

It's frequently used for the most severe allergic reactions and/or chemically sensitive people and does not leave a chemical residue. This product does not have a detectable fragrance.

Non-acid foaming condenser coil cleaner is used to restore coil appearance and efficiency. This product does not contain hazardous hydrofluoric acid; is non fuming and is non corrosive to ferrous metals. It's biodegradable and NSF approved.